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On The Road Merchant Accounts

That old saying “If you build it they will come” may be good for baseball stadiums but it sure doesn’t apply to your business. These days if you want to do business there is a good chance that you have to go to them to make a sale. That is why Credit Card Processing Services has put together some great merchant account programs for on the road professionals like you.

Maybe you are a plumber, an electrician, or an HVAC contractor. Possibly you are a handyman, do driveway seal coating, or provide landscaping, house painting, or pool services. Better yet you are one of those rare talented creative artists that exhibit at juried shows or a craft vendor that sells at craft shows on the weekends. We have great low cost merchant account program designed just for you.

Free Wireless Terminal Program

Hypercom T4100Our first solution is the Nurit 8000 wireless battery powered terminal and printer combination with national wireless service on the GPRS network. It also has a phone port for regular landlines and a power cord plug in electric when available. This top of the line terminal is fast, compact, lightweight, and feature rich. This 4th generation terminal from Verifone fits in the palm of your hand. It allows you to perform all the major functions you would expect including credit, debit, EBT, chip based smart cards, gift cards, cash tracking, and check guarantee, check verification and truncation. It includes the highest level of encryption so that all transactions are transmitted securely. The Nurit 8000 has a large easy to read display screen and through its menu driven prompts and function specific hot keys easily walks you through each transaction type. Once a sale is approved the built in thermal printer will print a receipt for both the customer and yourself at a quick speed of 12.5 lines per second. A variety of reports is available to print not just today’s totals but batch detail for the past 60 days. The Nurit 8000 contains a 12 hour rechargeable battery for over 200 transactions per charge.

A major reason for going wireless is that your swiped transactions will qualify for the favorable low rates not available for manually keyed sales. Credit Card Processing Services knows that if you are a serious road warrior then we had better come up with a great processing program to complement the free wireless Nurit 8000. Well, here is our excellent pricing program:

Interchange Plus Pricing

Nurit 8000
FREE with Merchant Account Service
MasterCard & Visa Swiped Rate (Qualified)
1.75 % + .22 per Transaction
Minimum Monthly Fee
Monthly Statements Fee
Monthly GPRS Fee
Per Wireless Transaction
5 Cents
  • The above MasterCard & Visa rate is for qualified swiped transactions.
  • Mid-Qualified transactions – Add .92 %
  • Non-Qualified transactions – Add 1.27 %
  • CCPS can also assist you with setting up your American Express and Discover merchant accounts.

Before signing up for this program we suggest that you determine what areas of the country you plan to sell your products or service. You can easily check the current GPRS coverage by doing a Google search.

The Nurit 8000 terminal will be shipped to you via Federal Express 2 day service at no cost to you. In fact if the terminal should ever malfunction it will be replaced for free up to two times per year. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Touchtone Program

As an alternative, we have an excellent low cost touchtone program for accepting credit cards using any telephone. This is a great starter program for our lower volume on the road merchants. We have several hundred happy camper merchants using the touchtone service and the feedback I receive from them is that they love it for their business. Please click on the box below which will take you to our dedicated website giving complete details of our touchtone program.

Touchtone Processing

In addition to the low monthly cost of our touchtone program (only $9.95 per month) what our touchtone merchants consistently say to me is that they like the ease of use. While on the road they use a manual imprinter (aka Knucklebuster) to get an imprint of the customer’s card and their signature. Then they either use their cell phone or simply wait until they get home and call the automated computer voice prompt system to process the sales. Each one takes less than 1 minute and it is done. The funds are in their account 2 days later.

Just in case you are not sure what the manual imprinter looks like here it is:

On each of our programs, the wireless program and the touchtone program, we would be happy to set your account up so that you can view all of your processing activity online at no additional cost. That way you will feel more comfortable knowing that you can always check on the status of any of the sales you have made.

If you have any questions at all regarding our on the road merchant programs please feel free to email Kevin@ccps.biz or call Kevin at 215-489-7878.

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