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Merchant Accounts

If you are a non-U.S. based merchant or a U.S. Based business seeking to open an offshore merchant account then this section will be of particular interest to you. Credit Card Processing Services is pleased to represent two leading international payment processing services - Planet Payment for traditionally low risk internet sales and Corporate Premier for high risk adult web sites and online casino gaming sites.

We are also pleased to be an authorized iBill Referral Partner. This service is available to web merchants located in every country worldwide who sell intangible products or services without the need for you to have your own merchant account.

When we decided that we wanted to offer international accounts as an option we spent months researching and evaluating different programs in terms of many factors including overall cost, real-time functionality, meaningful reporting, responsive customer service, ease of paperwork, quick approval and most important the reliability and flexibility of the banks which help underwrite the merchant account.

An international account is a completely different animal than one which you may be used to having in the United States or in your local country. It follows a different set of regulations and instead of the rules of Visa and MasterCard in the USA your account follows the more lenient European and Middle Eastern rules of Visa and MasterCard International. This is especially crucial since the new rules established in April 2000 by Visa USA

About Planet Payment

Planet Payment offers global e-commerce solutions and provides multi-currency merchant facilities with international banks around the world. Planet Payment also provides merchant relationships with international banks, obtains merchant identification accounts and coordinates banking arrangements all over the globe. Merchants located outside the United States may use the real-time, on-line payment processing facilities of Planet Payment to accept credit card payments via their web site. Having selected Authorize.Net, which is the leading internet gateway currently used by more that 100,000 online merchants, you will be confident that your customer's transactions will be securely authorized within seconds and you will have the ability to manage those transactions with up-to-the-moment reports.

If you are interested in learning more about the Planet Payment program we suggest that you first check on the list of permitted countries, then read our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, and then we you are ready to proceed complete the Planet Payment Online Application. You will be contacted directly by a representative from Planet Payment who will work with you to insure a smooth setup of your international merchant account.


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