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Check Guarantee

Think of check guarantee as check insurance. To be perfectly honest, most of our clients have no interest in a check guarantee service - until they get stuck with their first uncollectible bounced check.

Credit Card Processing Services, representing nationally respected Secur-Chex offers a very reasonable check guarantee program designed especially to protect the small merchant who can least afford to be hit with an unexpected loss.  It is not necessary for you to process your credit cards with CCPS in order for us to provide you with Check Guarantee.

We also offer an outstanding program from Check Guarantee Services whereby your NSF checks are purchased for 90 % of the face value with no other charges!  Please click on the blue Check Guarantee Services above for complete details.

If you are a merchant who accepts checks by phone or fax using software to create paper check drafts, we are usually able to guarantee these types of checks. All that is needed is a special addendum to our regular agreement.

We also have a program available in which you do not have to get an authorization for each check you accept which is less than $100.00.  All you have to do is fill out a simple daily floor log which includes three pieces of information:  Customer ID (Driver's License Number), State Code, and Amount of Check.  Mail this in each day and if the check bounces Secur-Chex will pay you back!  The cost for this service is only 8 cents in addition to the other costs below.  This program is perfect for small merchants including on the road merchants who do not have access to a phone line or an electronic terminal.

If you would like to use a standalone automatic check reader we recommend the Check Manager 3000 which we sell for only $299.00.  It is quick and simple to use.

How Our Check Guarantee Program Works:

When you receive a personal check from a customer, simply key a few simple pieces of information into your terminal such as the dollar amount, checking account number, driver's license number, and date of birth. The terminal will dial out and come back with either an approval code or a decline. If you get an approval and then the check bounces, simply send the check into Secur-Chex and you are promptly reimbursed in full for the bounced check.

What it Costs:

Discount Rate

1.49 %

Per Check

25 Cents

Monthly Statement Fee


Minimum Monthly Fee


Minimum Per Check

50 Cents

Voice Auth (If Needed)

75 Cents

One Time Programming



Here are some additional options which you may want as well:

A La Carte Customized Check Protection
Stop Payment Coverage - 7 Cents
If an approved check has been returned from your bank because of "Stop Payment" Secur-Chex will guarantee payment (Up to $100.00).
  Bank Fee Reimbursement - 11 Cents
All claims for returned items submitted with the bank notice showing the fee you were charged by your bank will be payed an amount equal to the face amount of the check plus the bank fees.
  No Fault Coverage - 5 Cents
In the event a check is submitted for a claim without all required information needed for guarantee the check will still be funded in full.
7 Day Claims Pay - 5 Cents
All claims will be payed within seven days of the receipt of the claim instead of the usual guaranteed 30 day claim pay.


Please call 215-489-7878 for more info or to sign-up or send us an e-mail to info@ccps.biz

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